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Why Us? is the only website that places their primary focus on personal menu planning which will be stored online, and allows other users to leave their recipies on other peoples weekly menus.

What We Do is your online resource for planning out your weekly menu. The site will allow users to create weekly menus, add ingreditents to the items on their menus, see the total cost of their shopping bill, and share their menu’s with others. Shared menus will allow other users to post ideas or recipies to other members weekly menu items, or steal their menu items and make them their own. It will take away the large ammounts of content that other sites similar have, and make menu planning the primary focus for each individual. It will save a history of their prior menus, and remind them if there are items they purchase regualry that they haven’t purchased in a while.

What We Do

The goal of the site is to help people organize their meals and finances better toward recipies that fit their cultural needs, health needs, or simply what they like. It will help them find new ways to cook the foods they are already cooking, and maybe offer them healthier or cheaper alternitives. The idea behind the site is to help individuals foucs on and plan what they will be eating throughout the week, and prepare them better for their shopping experience.